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Help Cut Heating Costs - Tips for saving money on your heating bills.

If purchasing a new heating system, furnace or heat pump is not an option, here are a few money saving heating tips to help save on your heating costs.

  1. Turn down the temperature dial and dress warmly. Wearing shorts and a tank top inside during the middle of winter will make want to keep your living and/or work space warmer, which costs more money. Sweaters, sweatshirts, socks, and slippers are just some of the items of clothing you that will help make you feel warmer. Using blankets while watching TV, reading or chatting on the phone and puttnig throw rugs on non carpeted floors like wood and tile will help keep your feet warmer on these colder surfaces can help save on heating costs.

  2. Why keep the heat running and warming your living or office area while nobody is there? Turning the heat down at night and when no one is home or in the building can make a big difference. Don't turn off the heat, but by keeping the temperature in the low 60's during this time can really help save on heating costs. Adjusting the thermostat can be done manually or if possible, purchasing a programmable thermostat will help automate the process.

  3. You can also try keeping the air cooler and then using a space heater only for the room you are currently in. This will make the room you're in feel more comfortable without using the furnace to continue heating all of the other rooms in the house that nobody is using.

  4. Close the doors and vents for rooms that are not used regularly to help save on heating costs. This can quickly reduce the amount of square footage you're heating by a 100 to 200 square feet.

  5. Plastic up the windows and doors that can go unused during the winter and use low cost window kits to cover them up. Sealing windows can help eliminate cold air drafts keeping your inside air warm. If you can't afford to purchase window kits, you can hang blankets to help insulate as well since every little bit of cold air draft prevention can help save on heating costs.

  6. Seal in cracks in windows and doors with silicone. More heat than you would think esacapes through these cracks. A tube of caulk or silicone should only be a few dollars and can be easily applied.

  7. Cover up attic entries with plastic, pieces of insulation, blankets, weather stripping, plastic wrap, painters drop cloth, or even a few old shirts. This will help slow, maybe even eliminate drafts and warm air from escaping through the roof.

  8. Using the oven tonight for dinner or during the day for baking? Leaving the oven door open a crack can help save on heating costs. Ovens generate alot of heat so keeping the door open help put the heat to good use by warming up the kitchen and surrounding rooms whch hopefully helps the furnace run less during that time.

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Help Cut Heating Costs
Tips for saving money on your heating bills.

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